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Taking A Few Fanfic Requests

I’m in need of a little practice, so I’m looking to see if anyone might have a request or two for some oneshot fics. If you are interested in submitting a request/prompt you can do so through sending me a message or going through via Ask on my Tumblr. I will take requests from anons too.

Currently writing for One Piece and Tiger & Bunny. Fic request info (such as pairings and genres that I tend to work with) can be found here and here on my Tumblr.

Request Form:

Fandom: - (Currently I’m only doing things for Tiger & Bunny and One Piece for now, this will change sometime in the future.)

Character Focus/Pairings: - (If you want a fic centered around certain characters or a pairing, that info goes here.)

Prompt: -(A prompt can be short like: “Keith having a day out with John.”, or more detailed like: “Luffy is having nightmares, and Sabo and Ace decide to try to help him get over his fears by telling him funny stories before they all go to bed”.)
Title: Five Times Antonio's Heart was Broken Ch. 1-3
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Antonio/Kotetsu, Kotetsu/Tomoe
Topic: T&B Anon Meme Prompt: "5 times Kotetsu unintentionally broke Antonio's heart."
Type: Canon setting, before the series takes place.
Genre: Drama, Slight Romance, Slash, Friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.
VTM: Basically picked this story back up, made some corrections, updated it, and added a new chapter.

Summary: It's not easy being Antonio Lopez, misfortune and heartache tend to be a frequent companion to the man. There were five times that stood out from the usual mishaps in his life though, and his best friend seemed to be the root of each incident.

Fic on Fanfiction.net.

Fic on AO3.

That's Showbiz! Chapters 1 - 9

Title: That's Showbiz!
Current Chapters Available: 1 - 9
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Too many.
Pairing: Kotetsu x Tomoe, A few hinted ones will be seen throughout the plot (see if you can spot them), Pairings may change during the course of the fic.
Topic: T&B Anon Meme Prompt.
Type: AU, set in a futuristic early 1900's setting.
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.

Summary: Sternbild, a city of lights, diversity, glitz, glamour, and a hell of a dark underbelly; it's a tough city just to live in, let alone make the big time. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is what some call a “showbiz veteran” he was once a “song and dance man” in a famous dancing duo with his wife Tomoe Kaburagi. However, after the tragedy of her death Kotetsu retired from the world of show business. Nowadays he finds himself just trying to get by in life while trying to be a good father to his daughter, Kaede. However fate seems to have other things in mind as it takes a sudden turn in a new direction when he’s challenged by a handsome young blonde with glasses. Kotetsu finds himself dragged back into the showbiz game, but will it be for the better? Or for the worst?

Obligatory Warning: This is an AU fic in the setting of a more advanced 1920-40's type of era, like how Sternbild is an advanced version of the 1970's. So expect some things like slang from that kind of era and other such things. Also, please take note that the characters are in different situations and living different lives than they are in the show. In this case many of them are performers, dancers, and actors. Hence why it is an AU; so if this kind of thing is really not your cup of tea, then I'd honestly advise not to read this fic. Other than that I really hope that you enjoy! On with the show!

Story on Fanfiction.Net

Story on DeviantArt (Links to the other chapters can be found in the artist's comment of each chapter in a convenient list.)

Silent Battle

Title: Silent Battle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 575
Pairing: hinted Ace/Luffy, hinted Luffy/Shanks (Take the pairings as you will.)
Topic: None
Type: OPU
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: A little bit based on an idea I had.

Read moreCollapse )

Family Man

Title: Family Man
Rating: G
Word Count:
Pairing: Roger/Rouge
Topic: none
Type: Modern AU
Genre: Humor, Fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: Challenged by Clareobell.

Where Roger Learns Being a Dad was not as Easy as He Thought…Collapse )

Challenges - Terror

Title: Challenges: terror
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 341
Pairing: Hur, hur, hur...
Topic: Terror
Type: OPU? AU??? You be the judge.
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: Challenge from Clare! Enjoy!

In Which Garp Discovers More than he EVER wanted to know…Collapse )

Updated Fic - Lifeline

Title: Lifeline
Rating: R (Nothing extremely explicit, but I have the rating upped just to be safe.)
Word Count: 3764
Pairing: Ace x Luffy
Topic: Forbidden
Type: Challenge, AU, 1950's setting
Genre: Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: A revamped older fic of mine. This was a really new kind of setting for me to work with, I hope I did a good enough job. Enjoy the show!

Taking a trip to the past, where love isn’t always easy.Collapse )


You are Justice

Equity, rightness, probity, executive; triumph of the observing side in law.

Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. You can't keep smoking and drinking without consequences to your health. It is the card that advises cutting out waste and insists that you make adjustments, do whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually. It is a card of balance and harmony; if there is imbalance, the correction may
require recourse to the law.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Took the quiz that Green-san posted. Thank you for the fun.

Aug. 2nd, 2011

Title: Angel Faced Monster - Bad End
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1773
Pairing: Mentioned Hancock x Luffy, hinted Luffy x Ace
Topic: Nightmare
Type: AU, Modern Setting, takes place days after 'Angel Faced Monster'.
Genre: Horror
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: Sequel to the fic 'Angel Faced Monster. Quick warning, if you are a big Hancock fan this might not be the story for you.

On the line between sanity and madness.Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Title: A Fox Tale
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:
Pairing: (slight) Zoro x Ace, Ace x Luffy, (Hints of )Sanji x Zoro (Nothing explicit)
Topic: None
Type: AU, set in Oyabun Luffy's setting
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: As promised a longer version of the Story 'Temptation' and its sequels from onepieceyaoi100. I hope you enjoy!

You're rather impressive, for a monk...Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Title: The King of Boredom
Rating: PG
Word Count: 434
Pairing: None
Topic: Crack
Type: Crack
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece and all its characters belong to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: What happens when Gol D. Roger gets bored?

Click here for Roger silliness.Collapse )

Maddest Kind Of Love: Chapter 2

Title: Maddest Kind Of Love: Chapter 2
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2810
Pairing: Possibly hints of Ace/Marco, if you squint. You be the judge.
Topic: none
Type: OPU (before time skip)
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: Here is chapter 2! Enjoy the show!

Click~!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Maddest Kind Of Love: Chapter 1

Title: Maddest Kind Of Love
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2804
Pairing: None in particular(in this chapter), perhaps a hint of Ace x Marco if you squint
Topic: none
Type: OPU (before time skip)
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Okay, here is chapter 2! Any warnings? Perhaps slightly OOC Law. Enjoy!

Click here if you like yellow submarines!!!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Maddest Kind Of Love

Title: Maddest Kind Of Love
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word Count: 1451
Pairing: None (in this chapter)
Topic: none
Type: OPU (before time skip)
Genre: General, some slight humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Mainly a 'what if' kind of story. What if Ace was saved? What if he was forced to go into hiding? What if he had to take a whole new identity in order to do this? No pairings in this chapter, but this will eventually have some Ace x Luffy (sorry folks, favorite pairing, deal with it), Marco x Ace, and more in this story. But those aspects will be in later chapters, and for those who know my style, you can be sure shenanigans will ensue. I will give a fair warnings beforehand though. Quick thank you the Stini and Clare for all their help. Now with all of that out of the way, on with the show.

Click here if you like yellow submarines!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Title: Visitation Rights
Rating: PG
Word Count: 480
Pairing: None, Roger + Ace (Family bonding)
Topic: None
Type: I don't even know.
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Yeah, a continuation of the story 'Like Father, Like Son'.

Silliness in general!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Severed Ties

Title: Severed Ties
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1649
Pairing: LuZo
Topic: none
Type: AU, Modern setting
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: This is another fic that I came back to and decided to revamp and update.

And now for something completely different!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Smooth Talker

Title: Smooth Talker
Rating: PG
Word Count: 427
Pairing: Roger x Rouge
Topic: Folly
Type: OPU
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: In which Roger discovers he has no idea how to talk to girls.

Click here!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Show of Affection

Title: Show of Affection
Rating: PG
Word Count: 352
Pairing: Tugger(OC) x Claudia(OC)
Topic: Teasing
Type: OPU
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: This is pretty much an experiment in interaction between my OC and my friend's OC. Usually we have them fighting, but I wanted to explore another aspect that I have yet to work with that would be in their relationship. This is seen through Tugger's viewpoint.

Love HurtsCollapse )

Like Father, Like Son

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Rating: PG
Word Count: 282
Pairing: Roger + Ace(fatherly stuff), Ace + Luffy(take as you will)
Topic: Curly
Type: OPU
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Yeah, I took one look at that prompt and had to have fun with it.

Curliness is...CurlyCollapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Sunflowers and Embers

Title: Sunflowers and Embers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2016
Pairing: (slight) Robin x Sol(OC), Luffy x Ace (if you squint)
Topic: none
Type: OPAU (setting, some point in the timeline of my friend's story)
Genre: Humor, slight romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Okay, I am severely out of practice, so this is not my best work. This fic also has a couple firsts for me, so I can only hope that it's decent. This fic contains my friend's OC, Sol, I'm not used to writing for her, so I just hope I did a decent job. I hope you enjoy, Stini(please don't kill me).

Click HereCollapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Luffyko/Anne Love~!

VTM: It's been a while since I posted any new artwork up here, so here is some Luffyko/Anne! :3 I hope that you enjoy! Comments are always appreciated.

Unwinnable BattleCollapse )

Bits and Pieces:

I'm NOT dead yet, bitches! :D

Title: Learning from the Past
Rating: PG
Word Count: 538 (I epically failed at the word count! WHOO!)
Pairing: Luffy/Ace (More brotherly, but hey, take it as you will.)
Topic: Ace
Type: You'll see.
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: I'm back from outer space! No, not really...But this bit did manage to sneak out from my writer's block. I know it fails the words count, but meh, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Click Here~!Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

About Myself Meme

A meme from Maja! XD

About me and myself!

1. Hello there, stranger, what's your aliases? (Common username, nicknames, etc)

Pennames/User names: Veronica The Mischievous, VTM, VTM577, Mischievous-Vee

Nicknames by friends: Vee, Vee-chan, Vero

2. That was some cool names... Care to tell me your real one?

My name is Veronica ******** *****************.

3. That was also cool! Now show of your own awesome nicknaming skills. Who do you call what?

Clare: Pube, Withered Husk

Stini: Nibblet

Chrissy: My Bitch(Just kidding), Panda, Panda Roll, Panda Nugget

Second Youngest Brother: Joe-hoe, Josephine

Youngest brother: Ant, Antmon, Antoinette

Little Sister: ........Brat.

4. Okie, what do you think these people should know about you by now?

I'm rather silly and I have an almost sadistic sense of humor. Yet I'm actually a rather calm person and easy to get along with.

5. What do you think they don't know?

I have a mix of hobbies.

I have a love for debating politics, I watch a lot of news, I love mystery shows and books like Miss Marple and Poirot and CSI. I also play the game World of Warcraft, I workout, and I'm looking into taking up martial arts.

6. Random request time! Set your iTunes/Favorites on YouTube/any music player on Shuffle and then tell me the first five songs which starts to play!

Don't have iTunes.

7. Now list five of your favorite pairings from any kind of fandom! (Manga/anime, games, you name it!)

Luffy/Ace (One Piece), Shanks/Luffy/Ace (One Piece), Persona 3 MC/Fuuka (Persona 3)

8. Check up on your Star Sign (the Western one) and tell me what characteristics people born in it is supposed to have that you think you yourself have. (Did that make sense?)

I'm a Libra, more info can be found here http://www.astrology.com/libra-sun-sign-zodiac-signs/2-d-d-66946 .

9. What characteristics do you think don't fit you?

I'm not really a romantic, I have no interests dating or serious relationships.

10: Pimping time! Link me to something you've done which you're really proud over! (Fanfiction, picture, AMW, website, just give me the goodies!)

Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/497753/Veronica_The_Mischievous

DeviantArt: http://mischievous-angel.deviantart.com/

11. Here's six invitation cards, give them to six real persons you would like to have over at your place!

Clare, Chrissy, Stini, Maja, Anthony aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Benjiman Franklin. .___. ..............Don't question me, that man was made of awesome.

12. And here's six ones to fictional persons~

Luffy, Ace, Shanks, WhiteBeard, Raidou Kuzanoha, Persona 3 Protagonist

13. Number 13, eh? Do you believe in such things as bad luck?

A little yes.

14. If you do, what do you have to protect yourself from it?

Pendent of Saint Michael

15. And I think that was about it. Now please tag some people you want to know more random things about!

I Don't know a lot of people on here I'm afraid. But whoever wants to is free too.

Bits and Pieces:

VTM: Some art that I recently did, and one updated picture.

Art, art, art, and more artCollapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Happy Halloween

It's a little late, but hey, it works. This is some updated art for Halloween, I hope you all enjoy.

Trick or Treat.Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

Madame Curl - Ominus

Bits and Pieces:

Kiku Honda vs The World

Kiku Honda vs The World
by ~Mischievous-Angel on deviantART

Okay, let me get a few things straight, I was bored when made this, it's not my best work unfortunately, but I'm still pretty happy with it. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen this crossover yet, and I am a fan of Kiku/Alfred (that's who the girl is, that is NOT an OC). I actually made this based off of a lot of the pairings I have seen around for APH. It was really fun to do, I changed up my style a little to add a few similarities from the art of the comic series. (Which may actually be why it's a little sloppy, that and I need a new pen at this point.) Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Night at the Scarlet Cathedral

Scarlet Cathedral
by ~Mischievous-Angel on deviantART

Okay, so I play World of Warcraft and one night after a dungeon run I noticed this nice angle and took a screen shot of it. I tweaked it with the computer and came out with this effect. Enjoy.

Bits and Pieces:

Business Proposal

Title: Business Proposal
Rating: R
Word Count: 549
Pairing: Marco x Ace
Topic: Rivalry
Type: AU, Modern Times, Based off of an RP
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: A bit dedicated to stini_c, based off of an RP that I am doing with her. I'm a bit out of practice, so forgive me if it's not that great. Both Marco and Ace are in Journalism competing for the same position and are both forced to work on a story together. Marco is a little sneaky and plays dirty. How dirty? Well...

Ace wasn't sure how this all started Collapse )

Bits and Pieces:

The Dragon of Enbizaka

Title: The Dragon of Enbizaka
Rating: R
Word Count: 643
Pairing: Ace x Luffy, Boa x Luffy
Topic: None
Type: AU, Song
Genre: Horror
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: A song fic, the sister fic to 'The Princess of Enbizaka'. Inspired by my resent trip to the renaissance fair, the Vocaloid song 'The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka'. Take note, you should probably read this while listening to the song 'The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka'.

This is a tale of a secret loveCollapse )

Bits and Pieces:

File # 577 - Veronica The Mischievous

First Name: Veronica
Middle Name: The
Last Name: Mischievous
Other Names: VTM
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sign: Libra
Rising: Also Libra
Year of: The Rabbit
Personality Type: INFJ

Likes: One Piece, Video games, Manga, Visual Novels, some yaoi, Rock and Roll, Classical Music, Horror Movies, J-Horror Movies, Culture, Folklore

Dislikes: Stupid people, spiders, small dogs, and Naruto.

Hates: Vegetables, 'Reality T.V.', and Winter

VTM: Hello, thank you for visiting my little hideout, 'The Ends of the Earth'. You might recognize me from Fanfitcion.net or DeviantArt. I am a private person that enjoys writing with a slightly twisted sense of humor. If you read my work, I insist that you please comment. If there are any questions you can message me. Whether I'll answer or not...That's something else entirely.

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